Wasnoten (Reetha)

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Soap Nuts are the fruits of the tropical tree Sapindus Mukorosse. In Hindi they are called Reetha or Shikaki and have been used since time immemorable. They are environmently friendly, cheap and independant from the multinationals and they really work. They are especially helpful for people with skin complaints (shikaki is also used as an ayurvedic medicine to treat various skin afflictions). 

The shells of the fruit contain a natural substance called sapporin which is the cleaning agent. There will be no need to use mega polluting fabric conditioner, as after laundering with soap nuts your wash will be wonderfully fresh and soft. My experience is that it took about six washes with soap nuts to finally get rid of all those nasty chemical smells that are in commercial washing substances.

Our soap nuts 500 gm come in a simple unbleached cotton draw string bag with a mini bag inside to use in the washing machine. Instructions come in Dutch, English, French and German.


  • I found a great tip on the internet and that is to close the little bag with a plastic bag clamp or sealing clip and I'v never looked back!
  • Add a little bit of baking powder to the white wash. It keeps your whites really white (I once in a while add some washing soda to the white wash too and I get many compliments over my "super"whites!! 
  • With a little search on the internet you can find recipes for making shampoo and liquid cleaner.
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