Peridot ( Olivine)

Peridot was in ancient times mined on the Egyptian Red Sea island of St John –Zabargad but the deposits are now exhausted now good quality peridot are found  in Sri Lanka Pakisthan and Afganistan

It is said to bring the light of heaven to you. Peridot is connected with the Anahata And Manipur Chakras (depending on the colour) Its cosmic energy will connect you to love for your planet and all living beings on it. Peridot vibrates cosmic love and will protect the wearer from psyhic attack, thus for people doing spiritual work it is an especially good stone to wear. It helps us clarify our thoughts  and give us confidence to carry them out. It will increase prosperity  not only on the physical plane but on the  energetic levels also.

Peridot (sometimes called olivine) help with liver,kidney bladder , gall bladder  and other digestive problems. It helps us to detox.  It is helpful to people with irritable bowl syndrome.

 Peridot can be helpful  for people with endocrine problem.

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