Siddha Boganatha

Siddha Boganatha

Lord Boganatha is one of the 18 siddha’s. guru of Babaji. confusius states Today I have met Lao-Tzu bo-yang (bogan), who is perhaps like a Dragon.” KayaKalpa. At some point Bogan visited Kataragama.

The Siddha Bogannatha

This immortal is the guru of Babaji ( the immortal holy saint mentioned in the “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda. He was/is the greatest alchemist to have ever lived, He wrote treaty’s on medicine, longevity, alchemy, science, philosophy, and was somewhat of a mathematical whiz kid and diplomate of great standing for the Tamil Nation long long before the beginning of history as we know it.

Lord Boganatha is one of the 18 siddha’s.  That will say one of the big bosses in this part of creation. The Indians don’t  pay much heed to cataloging their history. So much of his-tory is concealed from us, maybe when we follow the jnana yoga, as he did, then more will be revealed. There are some facts, but these are perhaps also fiction.

He was born into the cast of goldsmiths  and was initiated into Jnana yoga by Kalanginathar (who is believed to have been a Chinese Jnana Yogi who settled in India). He traveled intensively to both China and South America (the Muycas of Chile: "Bocha, who gave laws to Muycas, was a white, bearded man, wearing long robes, who regulated the calendar, established festivals, and vanished in time like others. The South American cultures were meticulous about cataloging the actions of notable characters.

In the Saptakhanda many of Bogar’s Chinese exploits are noted. His knowledge of the Siddha sciences appears to have been extensive. He claims to have traveled to China in a sort of flying machine and gave the Chinese his designs for a steam engine to power a ship.

Confucius states of his meeting with Lao-Tzu Bo-Yang (Bogar) “I know a bird can fly, a fish can swim, and an animal can run. For that which runs, a net can be fashioned, for that which swims, a line can be strung. But the ascent of a Dragon on the wind into heaven is something which is beyond my knowledge. Today I have met Lao-Tzu, who is perhaps like a Dragon.”

It is documented that when Bogan returned to India he visited many holy places and shrines along the way.  It is known that he visited the great temple to the divine mother  Kumakhya in Guwahati, Assam

He wrote his greatest work Bogar 7000,000 close to mount Kailash with the blessings of Lord Shiva himself. Later this work was abridged to 7000 verses and is widely known as the Bogar Sapta Kandam. .

It can also be noted that he later visited Bodhgaya and Arabia ( where he was maybe known as Yousouf.

He then settled in Tamil Nadu on a hill Known as Palani, he introduced Chinese Salts which he called Sheena karam (we still haven’t figured this one out) and the art of Chinese porcelain making. He went to Courtallem to visit the Adi guru Agastya  (who was initiated by Lord Shiva himself)  and the Siddha academy and it is to him he submitted the Bogan 7000 for authorization to publish.

Many learned men then studied the art of KayaKalpa (the science of longevity) and yoga pranayama under him.

Whilst in Palani, knowing the importance of ritually worshiping  Lord Murugan the eternal youth and leader of the army of angels, and in anticipation of the ravages of the Kaliyuga ,he made an idol of Lord Murugan ( one of Lord Shiva’s sons) from nine poisons and a catalyst. The statue of Lord Murugan is an amalgam of nine minerals ( or poisons-for all things taken in extreme portions will turn from medicine to poison) they were mixed  in very exact proportions and then catalyzed to resemble a wax like substance which until this day has baffled all scientists. It is so hard and strong that even after all these centuries of puja and Abhisheks it shows no sign of deterioration or erosion.

( pashanas or poisons of siddha science are mineral elements that will evaporate upon application of heat and we as yet do not understand how these elements could have been amalgated into a metal)

He prescribed a concoction that must be made from milk and a secret recipe pachimirtam and pored this over the idol every day for the whole of the Kali Yuga. This resulting mixture will then imbibe minute quantities of the nine poison amalgam and will possess amazing healing properties that will be capable of healing all disease throughout the Kali Yuga and  thus began homeopathy. To this day the descendants of Pulipani continue to do this Abhishek (Ritual)


Pulipani was his most devoted student and he trusted him with the prolongation of his work in Palani after he retired underthe mountain in meditation.


 At some point Bogan visited Kataragama in south eastern Shri Lanka to meditate perfect his practices and install a yantra of Lord Murugan for power. It was whist here that he came  across a young lad called Nagaraj ( who we will recognize as Babaji. Nagaraj realizing just who this outstanding figure was, became his Shisha and studied for many years under Bogans loving tutorage. Later he was sent by bogan to perfect these practices to Courtallem in Tamil Nadu to Agastya who was residing there.






Bogan is meditating still on Palani hill. He is residing in a cave shrine under the idol of Lord Murugan. In this cave he installed an alter (throne) with the nine aspects of the divine mother and an emerald  Shiva Lingam, a right facing conch, and a few very holy yantra’s. There are supposedly some secret passages here linking the sanctum  Santorum with Bogar’s meditation chamber.


Palani is indeed a place of power and worship.


In his book S.A.A. Ramaiah (1979) translates from Bogans poem Jnana Sutra - 8, verse number 4, that after preparing a Kayakalpa tablet of thirty five herbs he retired to a hilltop with his most faithful students:- He chose three of his best disciples and his faithful dog, and took them to the top of a mountain. First offering a tablet to the dog, the dog immediately fell over dead. He next offered it to his leading disciple, Yu, who also immediately fell over dead. After offering it to the two remaining disciples, who by this time were extremely nervous, and who promptly hid their tablets rather than swallow them, Boganatha swallowed the remaining tablets and also fell over unconscious. Crying with grief, the two remaining disciples went down the mountain to get material to bury the bodies. When the disciples returned to the spot where the bodies had been left lying, all that was found was a note, in Boganathar's handwriting, which said:
The kaya kalpa tablets are working. After awakening from their trance I restored faithful Yu and the dog. You have missed your chance for immortality.

(based upon translation by Yogi S.A.A. Ramaiah, 1982, p. 44-45)

Initiation into Samadhi by Boganatha
Verse no. 1

carefully draw flower petals in a circle; Ah sound is modified, concentrate Air (while breathing to that spot). All of the four will secrete, as a result, and will manifest. Be there. Remaining in the Mula (root center) you should blow.

Verse no. 2

Breathing the air thus, the particular black color is perceived. See it in the navel center; The black color is replaced by the red color, Followed by the experience of Samadhi.

Verse no. 3

If you breathe blowing with great force the realm of Thou. The ascending fire manifests as the guru; That guru manifests as the essence of Truth; It ends the dark night.
In the elemental still spaces of vital energy, The Divine flames end the darkness. In these spaces are found the Pot of Siddhi (divine powers), the epicenter of metamorphosis. The Samadhi of Light remains.

Verse no.4
Although the box is closed, you will get it open; Open the firmly closed lid and churn the pit; Pour half the contents into a sixjaan' (outstretched hand width) vessel. The result is a'paspam' (oxide) which may produce marvelous effects.

Verse no. 5
Meticulously and naturally raise to a height of three jaan, The Static Shakti, after looking at her and making her blossom. Worship him in the depths of your being; The Samadhi will enlighten the eight domains.

Verse no. 6
During the period of luminous metamorphosis, the herbal oil soaks in and beautifies; The beautiful Nandi (Shiva) described with great authority how to kick away Death, so that Samadhi will make the (physical) body last.

Verse no. 7
If the inner Vayu (Prana, energy) circulates, the short-lived physical body will manifest the power often million suns. The mortal body will endure for three epochs; Awaken! Give up the enchantment of desire!

Verse no. 8
Concentrate on the neck, and in so doing out of the six chakras, Concentrate on the letter whose vitality is so subtle;
The Jiva (individual soul) is the kingdom; concentrate on the vital capital city. Intensely you draw in and hold the life energy with great effort.

Verse no. 9
Concentrate daily, the ten vital energies will be locked inside; The glorious light of Nandi (Shiva) will be awakened. Immediately you will be a witness to the future trends; You will witness how many epochs the physical body will live.'


Yogi Ramaiah also reports that Boganatha inspired many modem scientists in their discoveries, in particular Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein. This he does by guiding them telepathically but anonymously in their research work, providing them with mental suggestions which enable them to make key discoveries. Einstein himself wrote an essay describing how his discovery of his famous law of relativity, E=MC2.


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