Who was King Pandu?

Who was King Pandu?

King Pandu mistook them for a deer and shot them. With his dying breadth Sage Kindama cursed the king with the curse that if he should ever engage in lovemaking with his wives again he would die. This, as you can well imagine was quite a serious curse.


Pandu was the son of Ambalika and the Rishi Veda Vyasa and father to the Pandava’s of the Mahabharata fame. He was married to Madri and Kunti.

 The story is as follows:-

King Pandu was hunting in the royal forest but unbeknown to him the sage and Rishi Kindama and his wife were engaged in love making in a secluded forest spot. King Pandu mistook them for a deer and shot them. With his dying breadth Sage Kindama cursed the king with the curse that if he should ever engage in lovemaking with his wives again he would die. This, as you can well imagine was quite a serious curse. King Pandu was still young and as yet had not conceived any children so had no heir to his throne . This created a lot of problems. King Pandu decided to renounce his throne and retire into the forest as a recluse. His wives accompanied him and his blind brother took over his responsibilities as King in Hastinapur.

 Now we need to elaborate a little on one of his wives. Queen Kunti had received some boons as a young lady before her marriage… The sage Durvasa had been visiting her fathers palace and was extremely pleased with her attentiveness.  Intelligent as she was she immediately experimented with them ,the sun God Surya  appeared and granted her a child. Shocked, and aware of the scandal this would cause in the royal household and the nation and not to forget her marriage prospects she placed the child in a basket and put it in the river hoping for a good end for the child. ( this is also another great story in the Mahabharata)

Back to our story. The boons that the sage Durvasa had granted would surely come in handy now, so Kunti went to her husband, King Pandu, who was , untill now, unaware of the situation, and explained about the boons. King Pandu was needless to say ecstatic. A perfect solution to his succession problem, of coarse Sages and Rishis and Gods being all knowledgeable and all seeing knew all this beforehand and had planned all the events very carefully. They had a plan…. And they  were sitting watching  as  the whole story unfolded from wherever it is that they hangout.

King Pandu told Kunti “go for it babe we need those children “so off she went to a seclude spot in the forest and said her secret mantra that Sage Durvasa had given her.

The God Yama appeared and handed her a really cute baby which she named Yudhishthira

King Pandu was over joyed, and became a doting father but it nagged him a little that there was only one child. So he asked Queen Kunti to use her mantra again. This time she summoned the God Vayu who presented her with a big bonny babe that she called Bhīma.

Pandu being a King and all kings being a little greedy was warming to this lark so he requested Queen Kunti to “do it again”. Being the devoted Indian wife that she was she complied again. This time she asked the God Indra to appear and from Indra she got the child Arjuna.

 By this time the delectable Queen Madri was feeling left out and neglected and being a queen this situation was unacceptable,  so she went to Queen Kunti and pleaded with her “please , I also need  a baby.I am feeling left out and neglected”. Queen Kunti being a soft touch just couldn’t say no and she took her off to that leafy forest glade and there she repeated her mantra. This time the Ashwin twins appeared and granted twins to them They went by the names of Nakul and Sahadeva

 Now they were one great big happy family only one thing was missing…. Their sex life.

Queen Kunti was so busy with the children ( she was also caring for Nakul and Sahadeva  by then because the delectable Queen Madri was, to put it bluntly, a lousy mum)

One day King Pandu was trying to meditate by an idyllic waterfall when he was disturbed by Queen Madri who came to draw water for the washing up. There she was  swaying those delectable hips, her lips as red as rose buds, he could stand it no more and she neither. They jumped on one another and in the passionate grope that ensued King Pandu breathed his last breath. Queen Madri was beside herself what was it that she has caused to happen? What had she done ? she could bear the guilt and pain not one second longer and committed ritual suicide.

By now Queen Kunti was missing the water she need for the dishes so she went to look for where Madri was hanging out. When she saw the dead bodies in a compromising position of coarse she understood what had happened but now she had a problem she was a one parent family alone in the forest what was she going to do??

And that is another story. With thanks to star tv for the image from the Mahabharatha TV serial.


  1. missus linda uma abracadabra missus linda uma abracadabra

    Pandu was the Pandava brothers who according to the Mahabhrata were sired by Gods and were in line for the thone. better to read the Mahabraata or watch films online . there is a really beautiful film from Peter Brook aimed at the western audience who know very little about this ancient epic

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