Is found in India , Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil,  America, Bolivia and many other countries.


 Its name comes from the Greek “amethustos” which means not drunk and the ancient Greeks made drinking goblets from it believing thyat drinking from an Amethyst vessels would counteract the inebriation!


 Its works against addictions of all kinds from drugs to smoking and on another level against addictions like overeating and other compulsivenesses.


 It is the stone of the Ajna Chakra and also the Sarasraha Chakra . It aids in Medition and  higher devepment. It gives us  balance ,peace  and patience.


Amethyst embodies the power of the violet flame  and it is the stone to use to come into contact with the assended masters  paticularly St Germaine.


Green Amethyst is also known as Prasiolite  and this stone carries with it the powers of the purple amethyst with the added advantage of also working on the Anahata Chakra to bring uncondition love for the whole of creation.


Amethyst is connected with Neptunus ( water God) and it good for  people born under the sun sign Aquarius.


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