This article is about ukanite , where it is found and its working on your system

Ukanite is also known as  epidote( after the Greek epidosis,) "growing together". It combines red jasper and green epidote which are totally fused together. It is a mixture of  orthoclase feldspar (pink)  and epidote (green) and usually a colourless quarts.

Ukanite is chiefly found in the blue ridge mountains  (Unakas Mountains , North Carolina). in the southern united states, but it can also be found in  Switzerland,   Zimbabwe,  South Africa,  Sierra Leone,  Brazil  and China.

Ukanite aids spiritual growth and bring both serenity and optimism wear it on your body to stabilise  your emotions and indeed your  whole system and once you start wearing it you will begin to rediscover things you thought were lost. Addictive  habits will begin to disappear and you will  begin to feel  that everything you ever desired can become a reality.

It will help you become a more empathic and compassionate person.

If you have been through a traumatising illness it will help you regain your previous health.

 Pregnant women should wear this stone as it will nourish both mother and child and will assist in the birthing.

Ukanite helps neutralise electromagnetic smog that surrounds our modern lives so keep a big lump of it by your  teevee and computer.

It is aligned to your 3 rd eye chakra and the number 9


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