Ma is the cosmic womb that gives birth to all there is.


can be used as mantra just like Hri’m ( Sanskrit stem is hrydaya – the heart) to worship all ten forms of the tantric divine mother. The divine mother found everywhere and in all things and  we are thus found in her, but for us right now she is concentrated in the space of the spiritual heart a little to the right of where we think it should be!

Ma is also a popular term used by beggars in their address to female foreigners when they travel around India. I like to think they address the westerners by seeing the Divine female energy in them, but I am afraid, I have, as yet to experience a beggar who looks this deeply.
Ma  is how to address an older wise woman as a term of respect and endearment.

Ma is mother India.

Ma is the holy cow who will lovingly feed you with no thought of reward.

Ma is the cosmic womb that gives birth to all there is. Kali as Ma creates objects in time (Past, Present and Future) but Ma as Aditi also creates objects in space (north, south, east and west). Not only is the divine mother linear time, she also governs the directions of space.
Ma creates the space that is created for the coming into being of all things and is the space within the heart where the whole universe is contained.

Ma is also the space within the mind where Maya has a field day creating the unreal to seem like real, so free the mind and receive Ma.

You can worship and meditate on Ma by concentrating on the space around and between objects rather than on the objects themselves. An interesting exercise to do  is to go into the nature by some trees and actually draw the spaces around the trees not the trees themselves - it will help you focus. The space around is not space at all but filled with the energy of the divine mother and by giving undivided attention to her you will be able to connect and identify with her  Remember she is space so the idea is to empty yourself of all thought and let her in to fill the space with whatever she finds fit.
There are of course other techniques but this one is so much fun and she will always surprise you with her creations.

Ma is Riya Shakti (power of action), Jhanna Shakti (power of knowledge), and also Iccha Shakti (power of love).

Ma helps us defeat the demons within (in the form of obstruction and negativity) so that  we can obtain the the four goals of life: kama (pleasure and passion), artha (material wealth), dharma  (right living), moksha (liberation).

Ma as Durga is the divine warrior, she fights all forms of evil. She is our our mother and protects us from all harm, sometimes it may shock us. As a child needs correcting so our divine mother will correct us to keep us on the correct path.

Ma as our mother is the earth we walk on, the sky we see, the water we drink, the sun that shines, the moon that waxes and wanes, the seasons that return year after year, and the nights that follow the days and give us the possibility to rest and replenish, she is all these things that we need to live and we must respect her.


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