Blue Topas


Blue topas is found in India Sri Lanka, Mexico,  Japan, South Africa, Australia

Often clear Topas is heat treated to obtain their lovely blue colour but the blue topas is also found in nature.

 Blue topas is connected  with the Vishuddhi  Chakra and the stone can be worn at the throat to improve ones  communication skills.  The thyroid grand will benefit from this stone being worn on the neck. It helps repair the digestive tract including soar throats  and horseness.  It will help you express yourself in a deep and meaningful way wether speaking or writing. It is the stone of mental prowess.

 Blue topas is connected to the planet Jupiter  which is the largest planet of our solar systmn and as such is connected with greatness and grandeur.

 Blue topas is associated with  loyalty, friendship,honesty , and romance, and are given as token of these sentiments.

It will calm a raging temper and bring clarity to any situation. In old times it was believed to possess cooling qualities and was used to heal frayed nerves and give sound sleep.

The Blue Topas is mentioned in Exodus in the Bible :-   “ Thou shalt set it in its settings of stones, even 4 rows of stones, the first  shall be sardius, topas carbunle – this shall be the first row”

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