Shiva and Pavarthi

Shiva and Pavarthi

The story of Shiva and Parvarthi's marriage

Shiva and Parvarthi – the meeting and marriage

Himavan was king of the Himalayas and had a devout daughter (Parvathi) whom he took to visit Lord Shiva-ji, who, after the devastating loss of his first wife (Sati) has ensconced himself on mount Kailash. He had withdrawn  himself from worldly affairs, spending his time  in meditation and tapas…..  Of coarse, Shiva was really far away in his practices and didn’t notice King Himavan and his daughter Parvathi. But the dye was cast,  Parvathi was in love and had decided to marry this ascetic. There was only one problem Shiva had renounced his sexuality after Sati’s death. Everyday Parvathi offered him flowers hoping that he would notice  her and fall in love. Little did he, or she, realise that she was the reincarnation of Sati

Parvathi carried on this practice for many years and grew into a beautiful and devout young woman. In the meantime King Himavan was worried about his daughter..... she was now of marriageable age, but still she was insistent that she would marry no other but Lord Shiva-ji. So Himavan contacted the God of love, Kama, and employed him to awaked Shiva from his trance and smite him with the arrows of love and lust….. Of coarse this plan backfired. On awakening from trace, Shiva’s  third eye glanced upon Kama and burnt him to ashes. He then promptly returned to deep trace without even noticing Parvathi. 

She was demolished.

Parvathi’s father was furious.

Himavan regarded this as an insult, and declared that Shiva was a looser , lazy etcetera and was not worthy of her. Parvathi was adamant. She declared “I will not budge from this spot untill I marry him. From now, untill then, I will only eat leaves. This went on for eons and eons, eventually she gave up eating and drinking  altogether, and she acquired a new name because of her tapas “Aparna”. 

Himavan  pleaded with Lord Shiva-ji “Please, please, look at what is happening to my beloved child. All she has ever wanted is to marry you. I beg of you, at least look at her. I am afraid that if you don’t she will wither away and die”

When Shiva glanced her way he was really pleased with what he saw and some recognition of her previous incarnation  flickered within him, but he decided to test her still some  more………

He shape shifted into the form of a regular guy and walked up to the destroyed Princess Parvathi “what the hell are doing here oh  beautiful princess, why are you expediating energy on this good for nothing. This man spends all his time in the cremation grounds, wears a garland of snakes and skulls and only meditates. Give it up… Marry me I am at least a worthy candidate.”

Parvathi was livid, her eyes burned. “This is all untrue. Be gone liar! I know who Shiva is. I will never ever, even in a million trillion years marry you! Lord Shiva is my man’

Shiva was pleased with her total devotion and resumed his true form, pledged his undying love, and they were forthwith married and lived happily ever after.

They, after  their marriage, engaged in sexual union  which was so  boisterous that it  shook the whole of creation and frightened  all the other Gods.

The moral of this tale is that the balance of male and female can only be obtained within the sanctity of a marriage where both partners compliment each other and form  total unity. Shiva and Shakti ( Pavathi is Shakti)(yin and Yang) are the source of creation. Shiva being the inert and Shakti being the dynamic energy. One cannot exist without the other.

Shiva is also the destroyer but his power comes from his missus(Shakti/Pavarthi) He teaches Parvathi Vedanta (transcendental knowledge).

Shakti is the redeemer( is Shakti also Vishnu?), the  dynamic energy who teaches Shiva Samkhya (cosmological knowledge)

Shiva and Parvathi are shown as a happy family who love to discuss philosophy and are perfected yogis. They have two(some accounts say three )sons.

Ardhanarisvara is the Half man and half woman  androgynous image of Shiva  and Parvathi.


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