There is this lovely little village in Odisha (East India) that not many years ago was forlorn and the population was destitute. The young men were dispersed thoughout India seeking wages to support their families. The traditional crafts in this village were dying out at an alarming rate. Only a few old people were propagating them.
Step in the regional government and tourist department. They have been promoting this little gem since the turn of the century and it appears to be paying off. Within India awareness is hightened and slowly, slowly, the  very distinctive, charactistic and colourful handpainted articles are catching on. When you go there, stock up on Gangifa cards and get the locals to teach you how to play!!
Both Indian and foreign tourists who visit this part of Odisha  now have it on their itinerary. Situated on a little side road from the main Puri to Bhubaneshwar road I can thoughly reccommend a visit. This little gem is called Raghurajpur and is incredible, from wood crafts to dance everybody in this tiny gem is an artist.
Put it on your must visit list. great youtube links  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P885j16NNxs    



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