Comes from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Elba and Australia

Legend tells us, romantically, that touraline on its journey from the netherworld to the light of day passed over a rainbow and thus gained its many hues.

Tourmaline becomes ,when heated and then cooled, electrically charged . One end of the crystal being positive and the other end negative, and with this property will balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The electrical energy of the tourmaline will clear auric blockages and remove negative energy

Tourmaline emits negative ions and will thus calm, releav e stress aid in detoxification and strengthen the immune systmn.

Black Tourmaline protects you from psychic attacks and from emotional vampires

Pink tourmaline is good for people with heart problems. It reflect the light of the heart and is assioated with the Anahata Chakra. It will permeate the wearer with love and spirituality and will bring compassion, joy and gentleness into ones nature, and will help heal old emotional pain and wounds.


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